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by Scott Millbank

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Hard Landscaping







There are many styles and colours to choose from so chat with Scott about what you have in mind, our products include -

We know what we are doing!

Millbank Landscapes have been making Essex greener and more attractive since 2000 so we have a wealth of experience and ideas whether you have a small or large garden.  Talk to Scott whatever the work your garden needs and see if we can turn your ideas into reality.

This is about the essence and foundations of your garden to grow and display it.  Hard Landscaping is about building in the paths, walkways, concrete or paved areas.

Adding a block paved area for entertainment, ensuring the drainage is sound so that in winter you don’t have a soggy garden.

Talk to Scott to help you achieve your garden project ideas

We don’t want to overload you with lots of information but just sufficient to help your choice.

There are some many combinations and options so if you would like to talk to us about our products and services please call Scott so that he can run through the options which best suit the work you require and the costs involved.

This is certainly one area where there is a wealth of choice -

Additionally we supply Concrete Posts - Gravel Boards - Timber Posts - Post ground supports - Panel Locks and much more.

There is so much choice that you need to speak to Scott to discuss your requirements and budget


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